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WordPress: Featured Video Plus

Featured Video Plus 1.0 was just released to the WordPress.org Plugin Repository. It is my first plugin and is intended to make WordPress blogs more video friendly. Most themes already ship with featured image capabilities which makes blogs much more attractive and  posts more eye-catching. Featured videos hooks into this for many themes native functionality and enhances it through videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

This plugin enables you to add videos as Featured Videos to posts and pages. A screen capture of the video will be added as Featured Image automatically and then by default be replaced by the video when viewing the site. The Featured Videos can either be displayed in place of Featured Images, can be added to the theme by editing the theme’s source files or inserted in your posts manually using the shortcode.

– plugin description

After installing the plugin you get a new meta box on the post and page edit screens where you simply paste a video URL before publishing the post. If your theme uses WordPress‘ native featured image function the video will be displayed automatically. If not you still can use the Shortcode in your posts‘ content –


or make use of the PHP-Functions in your theme’s source files:


When intending to use the PHP-Functions consider creating a child theme of the original instead of editing it directly. This will save you quite a hassle of redoing your changes when the theme gets updated. Also function_exists() conditionals are quite helpful.

– video source: http://youtu.be/CfNHleTEpTI

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