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Featured Video Plus 1.3: International

Version 1.3 of the Featured Video Plus WordPress plugin is now international. The update integrates i18n (internationalizationeighteen letters between i and n) capabilities (including german translations for in this update, spanish planned next). If you want to contribute to the plugin by helping with translating it go grab the latest pot file from the Github  repository, translate it and post it in the plugin’s support forum. This way your translation will most likely ship with the next update.

Furthermore the plugin now ships with additions to WordPress‘ contextual help (this small help button on the top right of every admin page), revamped error handling and experimental, really experimental LiveLeak Support. They have no API at all and therefore it is quite a hassle to grab information from their video sites. So this is no reliable feature at all!

Go get the update at the WordPress.org plugin repository.

– video source: vimeo.com/33978304

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