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Featured Video Plus 1.6

Today I release Version 1.6 of the Featured Video Plus plugin. While this update does not bring any major new features, it fixes quite some annoying glitches which makes it bigger than just a quick bugfix release as 1.5.1.

On the settings page there is one addition each to the YouTube and local video player options: enablejsapi (which on the backend also adds an playerapiid when enabled) and use featured image as video thumbnail. For developers there is now also an unique id for the YouTube Player iframe (fvpid + {$post_id}). Also you can now retrieve the url for the video using get_the_post_video_url and filter the get_the_post_video output using get_the_post_video_filter. Furthermore I resolved some glitches reported in the support forums, thanks!

It is now also possible to embed YouTube videos which might be blocked in your webserver’s country. I am looking at you, Gema. While the featured video input field will have a red background (which signals that it could not access the API for the specified video), the video will still be embeded – only without some meta informations and no pulled video thumbnail.

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