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Featured Video Plus 1.7: More AJAX

I just released 1.7 of my featured video plugin. This brings two big new features to make the plugin more flexible and cut load times: Instead of replacing featured images with their corresponding featured video directly you can now make them clickable to either open a lightbox (using jQuery DOM Window) or replace and autoplay the image just then. Both of these features rely on AJAX and therefore lower the initial load time of the page. This is especially interesting with blog index pages where plenty of posts + videos need to be loaded.

Also Jinson Abraham just released a beautiful video blogging theme called Garvan which relies on my plugin! Get Featured Video Plus 1.7 now at the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Next releases will focus on enhancing Shortcodes and supporting more video providers. Furthermore I will add a overlay for featured images to indicate that they link to featured videos. If you have any requests leave a note in the comments or in the support forum.

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  1. hi,

    I just updated to your latest plug in, but now the video player plays in the middle of the screen, creating a large empty space between the title of the blog post and video player. I am using the default setting to replace featured image. How can I revert back to your older version if possible or is there a fix on the new version?


  2. Hey thank you!

    I think this just may do the trick I’m looking for. I’ve set up my site to grab featured images from posts to create a gallery tour using fancybox. I’d love to use your plugin to insert a link to a featured video, when there is one. For example, the post Even While You Sleep uses a featured video.

    See my sandbox here:

    The problem is that it’s grabbing the featured image url, not the featured video url.

    I’m using Genesis Parent Theme and hacked its featured post widget so that the featured image doesn’t link to the post, but links to the image opened in fancybox. I used a function

    genesis_get_image( array( ‚format‘ => ‚url‘))

    to get the url of the featured image. Then fancybox displays all the featured images in a nice gallery. (If someone wants details they can link to them through the title of the post.)

    Using your plugin, when there is a featured video, I want to display the featured video with player in the fancybox gallery. Right now it’s grabbing the url from the featured image instead.

    I’m thinking I need a function like get_video( array( ‚format‘ => ‚url‘))

    Any ideas?

      1. Okay, I got it working with much simpler solution. You can kill these comments if you like. I ended up using a different plugin from Studio Press. Still. Thank you so much for making this one, and any attention you’ve given me. — David

  3. Hi, have tried your plugin, and am having problems. I am using the Simple Catch Pro theme which relies of featured images. I can get the video into the featured video section under featured images, but when I try to go and edit, it does not bring up the editing screen so I can’t adjust where in the post it should go. All my posts have featured images. I would like to have both images and video in several of my posts. Any suggestions? Also, this theme places images in the post archive. I only want images in this section, not video. And finally, is it possible to embed video in a sidebar with your plugin? The theme’s creators don’t encourage video, but I would like to get this to work. Great idea, by the way! Thanks for any help you can give.

    1. For displaying the featured images on some and the featured video on other pages you would need to edit the themes source files at the moment. Functionality for something like this is planned for the next version.

  4. Love this plugin – thank you so much.

    Everything was working great until I changed my upload directory to omit the date structure and just put everything in uploads.

    Still in development (published in a subfolder of my development domain) so not a big deal to delete previous uploads and re-upload to new file structure.

    However, now I receive this php error when attempting to apply the featured video after re-assigning the featured image:

    Undefined variable: set_featimg in [my dev domain]/wp-content/plugins/featured-video-plus/php/backend.php on line 599

    One thing I have noticed with this installation of wp 3.6.0 is that all variables must be declared prior to use. But the plugin was working great before I changed my upload directory, so not sure how to proceed.

    Please feel free to email me directly for access to my development site.

    Thank you.

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