Kudos 1.1

I just pushed Version 1.1 of my Kudos plugin to the WordPress.org repository. This release adds a new function to disable unkudo’ing and a new contextual help to better advice developers on how to integrate Kudos into their theme. This still needs some work to make it more accessible. Also Kudos now won’t show up in your feeds anymore.

5 Gedanken zu „Kudos 1.1“

  1. I’ve tried to use it in my wordpress blog but on my Safari Mobile under iOS 6 it become active („don’t move“…) at each tap or scroll inside the page.

  2. When posts are displayed as a result of search, the preview of the post has the words

    „2 Kudos Don’tmove!“

    or whatever in the text of the post.

  3. it conflicts with my other plugins (in my case CarQuery API), showing error : wrong argument ids supplied in foreach statement .. ajax.php line 88

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