FVP 1.8: Local Videos Overhauled

My featured video plugin is getting some good feedback on WordPress.org. I just released version 1.8 which overhauls the local video feature using the freshly available Video.js 4.0. Take a look into your media settings and customize it!

With version 4.0 the licence of Video.js changes from LGPLv3 to the Apache Licence v2 which is compatible with GPL and therefore.. nothing changes for my plugin. Nice 🙂

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  1. Youtube implemented a new video player and now Chrome browser overrides all the Featured Videos Plus options ( light theme, white progress bar…etc). This only happens in Chrome. This is not only problematic because we can’t customize the look and feel the video player but auto sizing is also an issue now, videos played in Chrome are of a much smaller resolution (my videos are playing at 144p when they use to play at 360p). Maybe it may be difficult to override Chrome (maybe Youtube/Google wants to control the look and feel of the video player). BUT I was wondering if FVP can implement an option for minimum resolution, so that no matter how much a user’s browser is zoomed in or out, the minimum resolution should be 360p… because honestly nothing looks good below that resolution. THANKS! love the plugin thus far.

    1. just want to be clear, not really sure if i will be but… the minimum resolution option i’m requesting should be on the video side of things and not based on the browser zoomed in size, like when you click the Youtube video player it gives you the option for 360p-1080p, i wish there was a way to make the QUALITY of the video at a no lower than 360p.

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